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As our children enter the broader world, conflict becomes a part of their everyday lives.  Whether they are deciding how to share a toy on the playground, who to invite to a birthday party, or listening to the news, our children are constantly making decisions that address issues of justice, equality, and even prejudice.  Preparing our children to make the right choices is one of our fundamental jobs as parents and educators.  What can we do to help our children make the right decisions when the time comes?  How can we help them to develop the capabilities they need to take leadership in finding solutions when these situations arise?  How can we raise our children to be peacemakers in a divided world in a way that upholds justice while bringing people together?  

Raising Peacemakers is a parent-child program designed for children ages 4-15 years that helps to develop social, emotional, ethical and leadership capabilities children need to become peacemakers.  We use storytelling, children’s theater, art, games, quotes from great philosophical and spiritual leaders and thinkers around the world, and most importantly the encouragement and support of parents and significant adults in children’s lives, to develop the mindsets and skills children and youth need to create peace in their own lives and in the world.

Raising Peacemakers is inspired by the teachings of the Baha'i Faith, which strives to create a world that embraces one another as part of one human family, stronger in our diversity.  ALL are welcome.

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